Pizza Express Chaats & Currys


PIZZA LARGE $22.99 MEDIUM $19.99 Small $12.00 TO 1.00am MON  TO THUR & SUNDAY
FRIDAY & SATURDAY 6.30.00 PM T0 1.30AM






Curry  Pizzas 




    Chicken Curryritto                                           Aloo Tikki burger                      Chicken Tikka Masala                               



Located at 307 N Fair Oaks Ave ,Sunnyvale 94085


Curry  Pizzas 

Large $23.99  Med$20.99 Personal $12.00



Paneer Masala Pizza

Paneer sauce, paneer, bell peppers, onions,tomatoes, garlic, jalapeños and mozzarella cheese

Aloo Paneer  Pizza

Paneer   sauce, Allo garbanz ,paneer, bellpeppers,onions, garlic,jalapeños, diced tomatoes and mozzarella cheese Panner tika pizza with added delecious allo(sizzled with masala )

Achari PaneerPizza

Achari Paneer sauce, paneer, bell peppers, onions,tomatoes, garlic, jalapeños and mozzarella cheese Med and Spicy only

Saag Paneer Pizza

Spinach with paneer  bell peppers, tomatoes pineapple onions and jalapeños Cheese

Samosa Pizza

Samosa with aloo,Garbanzo, bellpeppers tomatoes onions  in paneer sauce 

Barbeque Paneer Pizza

BBQ sauce (sweet)Tomatoes onions bell peppers Mozarella chesese

Cheese Pizza

Tomatoes sauce and Cheese Pizza





Barbeque Chicken Pizza

Bbq sauce  chicken, bell peppers, tomatoes,pineapple jalapeños, mozzarella cheese and cilantro 


Achari Chicken Pizza. 

Achari Chicken sauce, tandoori chicken, bell peppers, tomatoes jalapeños, mozzarella cheese and cilantro Med and Spicy only

Chicken Masala Pizza

Chicken sauce, tandoori chicken, bell peppers, onions,garlic, jalapeños, mozzarella cheese and cilantro


Saag Chicken Pizza

Spinach with chicken , bell peppers, onions tomatoes pineapple and jalapeños Cheese

Butter Chicken Curry Pizza

Bt Chicken curry sauce, bell peppers, onions, garlic, jalapeños,diced tomatoes and mozzarella cheese


Beef Pepperoni  Pizza    Halal

Beef pepperoni  sauce  Mozzarella cheese





Chaats and Appetizers

Aloo Tikki $6.50

Bhelpuri $6.00

Samosa $6.50

Samosa Chaat $7.50

Aloo Tiki Chaat $7.50

Garlic Bread  $9.00





Kaati Rolls $12.00

Samosa Kaati Roll

Aloo Tikki Kaati Roll

Paneer Masala Kaati Roll

Chicken Tikka Masala Roll

Burgers $12.00 ( Bhim Burgers)

Aloo Tikki Burger (Best Seller)

Samosa Burger

Paneer Tikka Burger (2nd Best seller)

Butter chicken Burger(Best Seller non veg)




Non Vegetarian Curries $14.00 HALAL

Served with  Rice Only

Chicken Curry-

Chicken Tikka Masala-


Vegetarian Curries $14.00 

Served with Rice only

Paneer Tikka Masala

Chana Masala


Curryritos Indian Burrito $13.99 


Paneer Tikka Curryrito

Aloo Tikki Curryrito

Butter Chicken Curryrito



Mango Lassi 4.50

Soda cans 2.00


Gajar Ka Halwa $5.50

Moong dal Halwa